BMX and Mini BMX bike

The bicycle sport BMX has gradually existed for some years. Over the years, the BMX bike has developed and changed, but the characteristic will always be a strong steel or aluminum frame and some powerful tires.

Depending on the sport to be used for, BMX bikes are available in different sizes and materials. If you look at it, the bicycle sport BMX can be divided into two sports, each of which requires two different types of bikes; Racing BMX and Freestyle BMX.
In addition to the two major types of BMX, Mini BMX bikes have also become very popular and are especially suited for tricks in skate parks and streets but cannot be used for racing. Mini BMX is especially popular with the very young children as the bike is very small. Although a Mini BMX is very small, it is still popular with both kids and adults in the street-meadow, as the bicycle is hip and cool and is often seen as a collectors object.

Racing and Freestyle - BMX bikes for all needs
BMX Racing is inspired by motocross and is a cycling sport that is run on motocross-like tracks, specially designed for the purpose. BMX is a popular family sport because it can be performed by almost all ages. BMX has also become very popular in recent years among girls and women. Racing BMX bikes typically have an aluminum frame and a wheel size of 20".
Within Freestyle BMX there are different ways to use the BMX bike. It is called Street, Dirt and Flatland. The array of these bikes may vary and be made in different materials. Often these BMX bikes are made of a heavier material, but also a much more durable material than aluminum. It is for example frame made of chromoly and Hi-Ten steel.
Wheel size is available from 16 - 20 but 16" - 18" is dedicated to the BMX bikes and the wheel size of 20 is intended to grow.

The story of BMX
In the 1980s, it grew up with BMX bikes throughout England. The kids started using their regular bikes off-road and a brand-new market was created! In 1985, Freestyle BMX came specially on the track and it was now great to style the BMX with shiny chrome, colored handles and other cool gadgets!
In California, US, they were a lot faster and already in the 1970s the inspiration from the motocross was great and BMX got into the picture. In 1972, the film "On any Sunday", a documentary about motorcycle sports, was quickly becoming popular and recognized. This movie is believed to be the starting point for the entire BMX wave in the rest of the world too!
BMX has once again found its way into the young people, and both Racing BMX and Freestyle BMX are very popular.