Top photo: Tomas Schødt CFO (Anders Schødt CEO is currently not on the page).
Bottom photo: Store in 2019
Credits: sn - Jens Wollesen

Why we started

"I find joy and hope in helping people to get one step closer to their dreams. To meet those same people at our local surf spots, completes my hard work at USA Skateshop"

In their early adolescence, Anders and Tomas (brothers) travelled the world to explore the best surf spots and to find themselves as new adults. Without much money they lived together with the locals and met a lot of inspiring people and grew their personalities as well as their surf skills. With their love for surfing and skating the two brothers wished for everyone to experience an adventure of their own.
As equipment was more expensive back then they decided to start a store in which they could sell equipment to everyone! This store was not only for the rich people and full-grown adventurers, but this store was also for people who had an adventurer buried deeper in their heart. Anders and Tomas found it to be their finest job to help people make their adventures and dreams come true.

It was very tough to start up a company in one of the most competitive markets in the world. They struggled but kept working hard on both their new company and jobs on the side. In those first (and sometimes extremely busy) years, the brothers kept joy and hope in helping people reach their dreams and meeting those same people on the local beaches as fellow surfers.

We managed to grow the company with loyal customers and the goal to help people experience their own dreams and adventures. Today we have helped more than 1 million people worldwide to experience a true adventure.

How global is local

To be part of something bigger is for us better. To already have the resources and experience necessary to start up in new countries have given us the courage to launch and start this new adventure in the US. Our mission is to bring our experience from around the world to you in your local community.

USA Skateshop Inc. is the American part of a global organistation in group with EuroSkateshop ApS (and KiteDK/NO) who were founded in 2009. The European branch has in only 10 years become one of the leading online retailers of scooters, skateboards, Surf and Snowboards. Our european website is available on 18 local domains and languages. The Global organisation offers a wide selection of more than 50.000 product numbers in total.

With the establishment of USA Skateshop, Inc. in 2020 we hope to bring more people to the sports that we all love and keep so dear. We will keep working hard to get you one step closer to fulfill your dreams whether it is in the water, in the skatepark, or on the slope!